Aid To Medical Students

The Aid to Medical Students Committee is student-run organization committed to promoting student well-being at the UVA SOM. Our three-fold approach to achieving this goal is as follows:

  • Counseling: We offer confidential peer counseling and referral to appropriate school and community resources for students with mental health, substance abuse, or academic concerns
  • Events: Throughout the year, we organize events that promote all aspects of student wellness through balance and involvement
  • Research: Under the guidance of Dr. John Schorling and Dr. Peggy Plews-Ogan, we are working to better understand medical student resilience

We are excited for this year’s UVA SOM College Cup! Please keep an eye out for our events throughout the year and get involved!

Your Representatives:


Nico Aldredge

Slater Jameson

Dustin Wessells


Natalie Hillerson

Natalie Hillerson

Prashanth Fenn

Prashanth Fenn

Troy Sterling, ATMS Rep, Class of 2022

Troy Sterling 


Lena Bichell


Faraz Farzad


Ignacio (Nacho) Ognian



William Hasken


Elyse Kuo


Sasheenie Moodley


Our Resources

While we are more than happy to speak with you about any issue in person, if you would prefer to go straight to one of our resources, a complete list can be found here.

Reed Fund

The Reed Fund provides financial assistance to medical students seeking mental health services. These services are completely confidential and independent of the University. Find out more information here.

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